Kemet Records


Kemet Records a UK based Jungle label from Tottenham, London, started by Mark X. Kemet’s first release was at the end of 1992 and they had several classic releases between 1993-95 before closing the label in 1997. The final release being four old skool ragga Jungle tracks from the Kemet vaults, which were previously unreleased outside of Japan. The label has now reopened with new remixes of their classic anthems and new ragga tinged nu skool Jungle.

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Rebirth Album

Da Banger (Old School Jungle Album)

Champion Jungle Sound Album

Drama1 – Being True EP

Chatter B & Potential Bad Boy - Set It Off EP

Missing - Homecoming EP

Various - Illumination EP

Drama 1 - Pledge EP

Dramatic - Time EP

New Dawn EP

Borderline EP PT 2

Dramatic - Futures Bright EP

Second Coming

Kemet Crew - The Seed EP

Drum 'n' Black, Elm St Kid & Ja Selle - Champion Lover

Amen Heaven EP

Borderline EP

Revelation EP Part 2

Champion Of Champions Part 2

Lovin Part 1

Love For The World Part 2

Unity Bad Boy Mix

Powering Through

Lend Me

The Box Re-Opens

Jungle Love Part 2

High Plane Drifter

Exidus EP

Repatriation EP

Screwface Hardcore Mix

Screwface Original Mix

The Seed

Kemet - Agony